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Subj: Re: Not from her own point of view, no
Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 at 04:23:04 pm EDT (Viewed 561 times)
Reply Subj: Not from her own point of view, no
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Cersei repeatedly told herself that she did it all for her kids. We have a lot of evidence that that wasn't true, though. Refer back to her "power is power" demonstration to Littlefinger, or her "You win or you die" speech to Ned. She was in love with being in power, and was resentful of Robert's power.


    Cersei - has 3 kids. 2 good, 1 crazy. Abused and neglected by her husband who makes no secret of cheating on her, again and again.

Did Robert abuse Cersei? There's no doubt that he cheated on her openly, and as a prideful woman, she probably resented that. But the reverse is also true, she cheated on him too, repeatedly so. Would you say that Cersei was abusive to Robert?

    Then her husband's long lost mate comes down, sticking his nose in and decides that whilst he can lie to the King about children's parentage, it's not the same for another Great House. He then plots to see if he can get the children killed.

    Cersei doesn't take this and after years of abuse, knows the King has to be taken out of the picture. Ned, still clueless, decides to double down. He quickly decides once in a dungeon that it's better to retract his accusation. Cersei goes to lengths to prevent him from being killed.

You make a good point about Ned's hypocrisy here, but there's an important difference. Ned was actively suppressing the information about Jon's claim to the throne, and encouraged Jon to Take the Black so that he could father no children. Ned didn't want Jon to have the throne. Cersei, meanwhile, had produced heirs that weren't Baratheon, which represented a coup against the Baratheon line. Ned was trying to hold Cersei to the same standard he set for himself.

Also it's not fair to say Ned was trying to have Cersei's children killed. He was definitely - and actively - trying to take away Cersei's power, though. If all had gone Ned's way, and Robert tried to kill Cersei, Jamie and their children, I think Ned would be horrified and would try to intervene on the Lannister's behalf.

Anyway, from Cersei's point of view, Ned was a threat to her power and her safety, so no doubt killing the king made sense for her as a step towards self-preservation.

    Meanwhile Joffrey, who had his wrist ripped up by this man's daughter, then lost who he thinks is his father and then has the same man say his mother and father are incestous and his Uncle Jaime is his dad, decides to put a traitor to this death. Which is what Ned did in episode 1 to that man from the Night's Watch.

In Episode 1, Ned beheads a man for betraying his vows, in accordance with the law of the land. It was his duty as Warden of the North, not a political decision.

From Joffrey's point of view (and it's really icky to try to get in this psycho's head) Ned was an awful traitor who was trying to take away Joffrey's birthright and seize power for himself. I'm sure killing Ned seemed like justice to Joffrey. Cersei, always wise in politics, understood that the North would rise if Ned was killed, so she tried to save Ned's life. It wasn't out of altruism, it was again out of self-preservation.

    Everthing Cersei does is for her kids.

I'd argue that everything she did was for power. Her children were her means of acquiring and maintaining power. Killing Robert accelerated that acquisition of power, elevating her and Jaimie's child to the throne. After Robert's death she thought she would be the defacto ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Tywin and Joffrey had other ideas, which proved to be a setback for Cersei.

I presented the post as a kind of view from Cersei's persepctive. I don't think I was clear about that.

Cersei is protective and proud, no doubt.

However her view of protecting Joffrey and co, is comarable to Jon protecting his nephew. Both are willing to lie to keep them safe.

Robert did abuse Cersei, or at the very least neglect her. She was willing to stay with him until he called her by Ned's sisters name and went to brothels. In a way, to protect herself from STDs it made sense for her to stay away from him.

I think killing Ned would have been easier. I just can't see Ned being sent to the Black with everyone thinking he was a traitor. Thorne would have constantly abused him as would the other men judged by him. Unless Cersei had both Sansa and Arya (which was part of the plan). It didn't stop Robb from attacking Joffrey's armies either.

Littlefinger threatened to expose her. She views power as a tool to protect her kids.

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