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Subj: Re: Here we go
Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 at 07:24:50 pm EDT (Viewed 428 times)
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Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 at 11:36:42 am EDT (Viewed 542 times)

    I thought it was a lackluster, bizarre finale with a lot of problems, but I nevertheless liked the ending.
I had the same experience.

    Loved Tyrion's bravery when he resigned his position to Dany.
True. But it annoys me to no end that he could get off so well from this were as Jon end up on the wall.

    Loved that cinematography moment with dragon wings coming out of Dany.

    Frustrated beyond all reason that Jon found it so difficult to break from his loyalty to "his queen," even despite the abject horror of what she had just done. Tyrion's case to Jon made perfect sense, but why did it even have to be said? Didn't Jon walk through the ruins of Kings Landing in the very first scene?
Yeah. I understand Jon is a man of his word, but the level of denial he was willing to go for was near battleboard level stupid.

    Loved the imagery of Drogon morphing from a snowbank into a dragon.

    I hate Grey Worm even more now.
He personifies why power should never fall in the end of people who are driven by strong negative emotions.

    This show's failure to prove why Dany thinks Jon is such a good fit for her (and why Jon is so loyal to Dany) made the entire conclusion ring hollow. We have very little reason to believe that these two loved each other, and therefore Jon stabbing Dany in the heart, literally and metaphorically, lacked resonance. Perhaps its the ick factor of the show continually trying to sell a romance between an aunt and her nephew.
Yeah, the chemistry was never really there and they didn't take enough time to sell us such a thing to begin with.

    Drogon shows signs of intelligence and understanding that we haven't seen before. Could dragons be more intelligent than we knew? Anyway, the melting of the throne was a great moment. Drogon taking Dany's body into the sunset was a fitting final moment for both of them.
Actually, season 6 episode 2 adress dragon intelligence. Before Tyrion goes to free the dragons, he tells us dragons are inteligent creatures. Even more so than men according to some Maesters.

    Everything up to this point made sense, even if it didn't hit home emotionally the way they probably intended. Now we get to the bizarre part.

    Bran the Broken? Who other than the Starks even knows about him? Who other than Bran himself had ever heard of a Three Eyed Raven? Tyrion, of all people advocates for Bran instead of Sansa? And every lord present just acquiesces? No counter proposals, scheming, arguments, betrayals? These are the foundations of this show, right up until this moment when they all just shrug and give the Seven (excuse me, Six) kingdoms to a teenager with no personality and no functioning dick.
The whole idea of listening to Tyrion at this point was retardedly bad and unbelievable. He is a traitor, and an incompetent. 

And what of Bran? If we are to believe him, he already knew the outcome. I'm not sure I like that GoT is set in a Watchmen-like fatalistic universe where free will doesn't exist. Everyone is merely there to play its part and no choice really is a choice. There was never really any drama...

    At least Sansa balked at the idea, and rightly so. He's not even a human anymore. He will be the least interested (and interesting) king of all time. The show even said so when he spent all of 30 seconds at the small council meeting before getting A.D.D. and departing. What an absurd, laughable result.
He can't be Lord of Winterfell, but he can be king... sure...Bran, knowing it all, comes of either as a calculating bastard, or Dr. Manhattan.

    And then Sansa pulls out of the Seven Kingdoms and the other lords don't immediately follow suit? Wow this writing is bad.
Yeah. I don't know who thought this was intelligent writing. At the very least, Dorne would have jumped at this opportunity to ask for the same. 

Realisticaly, Bran should have explain to Sansa that, just like for Jon who he has to send to the wall because not doing it will start a war, he can't let the North go or every other kingdom will follow and the 7 kingdom will become the 1 kingdom.

    Let's talk about Jon. His whole character arc had been about reluctantly rising to power again and again. Then he was revealed to be the rightful heir to the throne. And at the end of it all, no one advocates for him to be King? Is it because he's a Queenslayer, or are they wary of his Targaryen blood after two successive Targaryen monsters? So Jon was resurrected by the Lord of Light not to kill the Night King, but to kill the Dragon Queen? What a strange lack of fulfillment to this character's journey. Rewatching this show will make Jon's (endless) scenes pretty unimportant.
Jon story arc was disapointing, but I understood he had to be sent north to avoid a war. 

TBH, I was surpised that they knew he was the one who killed Daenerys since the dragon flew with the corpse and the weapon... And when we learn that they knew Jon did it my first reaction was, and Jon is still alive!!? WTF? They were killing innocents without any problem, and they are sparring the guy who killed their queen? Uh, sure...

    Anyway, after that ridiculous Kingsmoot in the Dragon Pit, the show corrects course. The Small Council was great. Arya, Jon, Bran and Sansa all get new starts. Brienne has the most heartfelt moment in the whole show as she recorded Jamie's legacy. As a close second, Jon gets reunited with Ghost (awwww). One bad note is that Grey Worm gets his happy ending. He deserved a bad end for killing thousands of surrendered soldiers and completely innocent townspeople.
I was actually pretty underwhelmed and PO at the small concil. Bron of the F**king Black Water is not only Lord of High Garden (How?! Tyrion really honored that deal after what Bron did), but also Master of Coin!!!?!! Whaaaaaaaaat? This was unbelievable to me. Bron should have been assasinated after what he tried to pull. At the very least, not given what he asked for.

And Tyrion... He's been so incompetent for so long that I was wondering why anybody would want him at this point. And this was my favorite character...

    And in the end, the series finale felt like a season finale, since it felt like a new start for a bunch of characters we love. Setting up for spinoffs? The continuing story? I hope so, because the finale left me wanting to see more of them. Particularly Lord Robin Arryn and his oral fixation. ;\-\)
IDK, it cured me of my curiosity. Sadly...

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