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Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 at 01:38:44 pm EDT (Viewed 423 times)
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    Frustrated beyond all reason that Jon found it so difficult to break from his loyalty to "his queen," even despite the abject horror of what she had just done. Tyrion's case to Jon made perfect sense, but why did it even have to be said? Didn't Jon walk through the ruins of Kings Landing in the very first scene?

Yes, but Jon had bent the knee to Dany and his vows are very important to him. It took all of that for him to break his vow.

    Bran the Broken? Who other than the Starks even knows about him? Who other than Bran himself had ever heard of a Three Eyed Raven? Tyrion, of all people advocates for Bran instead of Sansa? And every lord present just acquiesces? No counter proposals, scheming, arguments, betrayals? These are the foundations of this show, right up until this moment when they all just shrug and give the Seven (excuse me, Six) kingdoms to a teenager with no personality and no functioning dick.

The problem with making Bran king is that he's boring and no one likes him. The show doesn't even like him. The Starks - Jon, Arya, and Sansa - all get their cool ending montage. The other Stark, Bran, is ignored! Benioff and Weiss don't even care about him. How would making him king be emotionally fulfilling in any way to the audience? But it didn't have to be this way. If season 7 and 8 had 10 episodes, the writers could have easily had a subplot making Bran more relatable. Bring back Meera while warriors gathered to fight the Night King. Have her help bring back Bran's humanity. Don't make Bran completely useless. Have him provide intel on what the Night King's doing or on what Cersei is doing. Give him a dry sense of humor given all the knowledge at his disposal. Every time someone makes fun of him, he could leak out some dirty laundry of theirs in his deadpan fashion.

The fix wouldn't have been that hard. There's no reason the lords would accept him as king based on Tyrion's word alone. They've never seen Bran's power in action. But what if he stated some surprising information about each lord that left them dumbfounded. Knowledge is power and they'd respect that.

    At least Sansa balked at the idea, and rightly so. He's not even a human anymore. He will be the least interested (and interesting) king of all time. The show even said so when he spent all of 30 seconds at the small council meeting before getting A.D.D. and departing. What an absurd, laughable result.

    Let's talk about Jon. His whole character arc had been about reluctantly rising to power again and again. Then he was revealed to be the rightful heir to the throne. And at the end of it all, no one advocates for him to be King? Is it because he's a Queenslayer, or are they wary of his Targaryen blood after two successive Targaryen monsters? So Jon was resurrected by the Lord of Light not to kill the Night King, but to kill the Dragon Queen? What a strange lack of fulfillment to this character's journey. Rewatching this show will make Jon's (endless) scenes pretty unimportant.

Killing the Dragon Queen's not as great as killing the Night King, but it's still decent as destinies go. But no one advocates for Jon to be king because the Unsullied are demanding punishment for Jon with the alternative being war. Making him king would be the opposite of a punishment compromise. But your reasons - he's an oath breaking Queenslayer and Targeryen - are both good as well.

    Anyway, after that ridiculous Kingsmoot in the Dragon Pit, the show corrects course. The Small Council was great. Arya, Jon, Bran and Sansa all get new starts.

I did really like this sequence, but it still didn't make sense for Arya and was murky storytelling for Jon. Arya has been forcibly separated from her family for years. Now she's reunited with them as they take on difficult new roles as King of Westeros and Queen of the North. Now as one of the greatest and stealthiest warriors in Westeros, she doesn't want to spend more time with them and help them out?

As for Jon, it's still not clear there was even a Nights Watch when Jon arrived at the Wall. Almost everyone there was a wildling. Have Jon realize that Tyrion made it all up to fool Grey Worm and now Jon has the freedom to do whatever he wants, which for now is to help the wildlings find a new home. Maybe that's what did happen, but that's far from clear.

    And in the end, the series finale felt like a season finale, since it felt like a new start for a bunch of characters we love. Setting up for spinoffs? The continuing story? I hope so, because the finale left me wanting to see more of them. Particularly Lord Robin Arryn and his oral fixation. ;\-\)

Indeed the show left us wanting more with such a disappointing season 7, and there is a lot more money to be made in either a sequel series or in sequel movies. One can easily imagine a grave threat arises in Westeros. Bran wargs into ravens to summon Arya and Jon back from the far reaches of the world they've journeyed to in order to help or they just happen to come back to discover this new threat.

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