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Subj: Bah, you can't even rant properly!
Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 at 09:28:31 pm EDT (Viewed 397 times)
Reply Subj: I need to rant some more...
Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 at 05:36:44 pm EDT (Viewed 455 times)

    Jaime's redemption arc went straight into the toilet. Same goes for Daenerys' "I'm not like my father" several seasons long arc. A good thing Jora and Baristan died before they could see her turn like that.

    As for Tyrion, my once favorite character in the show... what have they done to you after season 4? Not once was he right or not made a fool of. I'm so sad for the writing they gave the character all the way to the end. Not even a shred of redemption in this regard...

    Also, apparently, all the prophecies in the show we were fed over time and made to be such a bid deal were just for fun I guess. Cercei, your brother was a brick on the ceiling...

Let me just say that all of the above could and would have paid off if the show followed a proper narrative and made the Walkers the primary focus of the end. Alas, character arcs had to be sacrificed, people had to act out of character and moronic, lore and continuity had to just give way - too predictable and time-consuming, sorry!

    By the way, was it not supposed to be winter in Westeros? Why does it not look like the terrible winter we were told of since the begining of the series?  A winter that usualy last years...  Jaime left KL and the first snowflakes started falling and when we are back it looks like it's summer again. Did I blinked and missed the winter? Or is it a Florida kind of winter that people were so afraid of and that leads to school closure because there is one milimeter of snow and water barely freezes for an hour?

Haven't you heard?! Arya killed the Winter! Winter is dead, killed by Arya!!!

    I forgot... wtf is this selective stone busting dragon fire? On several occasion dragon's breath was shown Michael Baying its way into stone structures (very dumb but it is what it is), yet when you place an important character behind stone it no longer just explode and instead start behaving like fire would.

Bran the Builder had a southern bastard, Bay the Builder, from whom several noted architects of King's Landing descended. They inherited his talents and made their monies on structures that instantly explode so that mad Targs could more easily wildfire their subjects to oblivion, while also strategically planting secret magic walls that utilize a complex algorithm that determines their hardness on parameters like the hider's belief of adequate shelter, their desire to survive, the lung-power of a given dragon, etc, all in an effort to help give future important characters a fighting chance against undead dragons...

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