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Subj: Re: Episode 5
Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 at 10:15:45 am EDT (Viewed 506 times)
Reply Subj: Episode 5
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    So, here were my percentages for survival chance:

    Cersei - 90%, Jaime - 60%, Euron - 50% (thankfully, was starting to really hate this character, ps he never did realise about the baby), Sandor - 90%, Gregor - 90%, Varys - 95%, Qyburn - 50%


    Tyrion -05%, Dany - 40% (or she may be the final big bad), Jon - 20% (survives to take on either Euron or Dany in the final episode), Arya- 40% (was close), Sansa - 05%, Grey Worm - 70% (glad to be wrong here)
    Brienne - 05%, Yara - 10%

    So, yeah, these were roughly on point (no big surprises). Now in theory, the Starks shouldn't stand a chance, but with Arya and Bran who are bascially superhuman now, I wouldn't write them off yet.

Euron should be dead by now so Jon will likely have to deal with Dany.

    Dany has now gone full Mad Queen. She made mention that Sansa does not wish to follow her, threatened Tyrion (who after releasing Jaimie must now be on her hit list), feels rejected by Jon (with Greyworm clearly about to report Jon for his 'treason'). Arya and Jon are both outraged by Dany.
I was half expecting a Jon vs Grey Worm duel right there. May still happen.

    PS - I liked Dany flipping out, I am glad the scorpions were destroyed, glad Jaime got to kill that prick Euron, felt sympathy for both Cersei and understanding for Jaime, thought Cleganebowl was ok, not great. Found the Golden Company hilarious (I think this was how I was supposed to feel).
Agre with you except I still don't understand how Cercei got the Golden company to sign-up for this. They are supposed to only accept favorable odds... what a waste that was.

    It feels to me that Dany will want to kill Tryion, Sansa, Jon with possibly Sam as well. Arya technically is still in her good books, as is Gendry and Yara (if she is seen again). I can't imagine them continuing to bend the knee (well apart from Yara).
Dany has way too many ennemies to survive.

    It will be interesting to see how next episode goes. Will Dany just attack Winterfell? Will there be some kind of mock trial? Likely both? Will Bran warg into Drogon?
Arya will take Drogon's face and surprise Dany... Don't laugh, at this point I'm ready to believe this kind of writing.

    It feels like next episode will be in 3 parts:

    1) Dany accusing everyone of being a traitor/Jon telling her she is mad
    2) Some kind of confrontation - Dany being killed, possibly Jon as well?
    3) Epilogue
Nah, Falcor will swoop down on them all and they will run for the dumpsters...

All that remains of Martin's world is few scraps of unwritten papers. May he save Fantasia... I meant Westeros, with what remains to be written in the books...

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