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    I don't recall saying that. I quite liked the Jon-Ygritte storyline, the truest romance the show's ever had. If I have a least favorite storyline, it's Ramsay's endless torturing of Theon. Second least would be those boring religious Sparrows.

I could have sworn we had a conversation where you said that you were mostly interested in what was happening in King's Landing and that the stuff on the Wall bored you (and Dorne, I think). This could not have been earlier or later than seasons 5-6, though a quick look only yielded a comment about how you found a lot of the Wall guys interchangeable...

    Yes, that was the set up, but one antagonist had to be beaten first no matter what happened.

It's the execution that was lacking, not the sequence.

    Jon was pivotal. More than anyone else, he put together the coalition that allowed the NK to be defeated. He didn't have to strike the final blow to still take a lot of credit.

Yes, Jon was pivotal in crippling Daenerys and helping Cersei and the Walkers...

    You're right that your argument makes no sense. The whole point of Ned's death is that being super noble is not enough and is sometimes detrimental.

That was the superficial, incomplete point, but I cannot argue further without knowing how Martin will resolve the threat of the Walkers in his books, so... see you in a couple of decades, if ever \(fear\) ?

    They obey Dany in general. They wouldn't obey her for long if her commands went against their very nature.

Ok, you trying to impersonate Bk here? Because you're doing a great job at not making sense and defeating your own argument, let me tell ya...

I will save you the embarrassment of owning you like him by advising you to go ahead and refresh you memory on Dothraki scenes, especially how Daenerys assumed their command and what they've done for her since. Also, try to find all the times Dothraki hosts defied their leaders or entered battle with the desire to just die and stuff...

    Dany's not a hardened warrior who's been in many battles. She was worried about Jon and that rattled her.

How many times will that be an acceptable excuse for you? You think they couldn't have easily had Jon snap her out of it had they wanted to?

    At Sam's request.

Yes, and at Jon's command, he would have stayed on the walls, much like Tyrion ended up in the crypts. Hurting his feelings is such a non-issue when they all knew he could not hold his own and Edd would end up being burdened with keeping him alive too.

The writers probably thought that they were making him brave by having him so firmly want to fight outside, but they actually made him a fool who killed his friend. The brave choice would have been admitting his shortcomings and staying behind the walls.

    And let the NK get that close to Bran?

Because the NK did not get close to Bran due to Theon's charge? You realize that nothing would have changed with Bran not pushing Theon into his death, except for Theon surviving, right?

    I'm hopeless! All these scenarios made the story more interesting and not run of the mill.

Fights boring, surprises good! More soap, less fantasy! Hurray!

    That would have made no sense at all. Jon would fight better than Bran-Jon.

Bran-Jon would be the Mister X of GoT O\:\-\) !

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