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Subj: Re: Dare we put odds on who dies in episode 5?
Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 at 06:28:07 pm EDT (Viewed 316 times)
Reply Subj: Dare we put odds on who dies in episode 5?
Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 at 05:01:59 pm EDT (Viewed 396 times)

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Cersei - 90%
Jaime - 60%
Euron - 50% (think he may be the big bad)
Tyrion -05%
Dany - 40% (or she may be the final big bad)
Jon - 20% (survives to take on either Euron or Dany in the final episode)
Arya- 40% (wouldn't be surprised if she is taken down for shock value from either Euron or Dany). Her death would be the worst.
Sandor - 90% (injured by Gregor, finished off by either Euron or Arya, the later due to mercy)
Gregor - 90% (almost certain)
Sansa - 05%
Grey Worm - 70% (last of Dany's true inner circle, Dany's armies likely collapse and he's also the 'character' of all of them).
Varys - 95% (due to prophecy)
Brienne - 05%, potentially she follows Jaime? Doubtful.
Yara - 10%
Qyburn - 50%, could see him swapping to Euron, possibly with Gregor?

Cersei - 100%
Jaime - 25%
Euron - 100% It would be lame to make him the big bad - he's only been around a couple seasons and no one likes him.
Tyrion -0%
Dany - 20%. I think she's the big bad.
Jon - 20%
Arya- I don't even want to put a percent down on her. If she dies, it will be by either the Mountain or by Dany.
Sandor - 50%. If he dies, Arya will stay by him while he dies - because she didn't last time.
Gregor - 99%
Sansa - 0%. There would have to be some wicked twist to take her out. Although the Mad Queen could order her death for treason.
Grey Worm - 75%
Varys - 95%. I think he will betray Dany and she will kill him for it. That will be the impetus for Tyrion to walk away from Dany.
Brienne - 0%. Although she could follow Arya and/or Jamie. She is sworn to protect the Stark girls.
Yara - 0%. I think we've seen the last of this minor character.
Qyburn - 100%. This is Game of Thrones, he will die.

Bran - 0%. I don't think he dies. Unless you count becoming a tree as dying.
Bronn - 50/50. I liked him until he tried to use a crossbow to become one of the premier lords of the realm.
Sam - 0%. He's a GRRM analogue, he survives to write the whole story.
Ghost - 0%.
Tormund - 0%.
Gilly - 100%. No wait, that was just wishful thinking. 0%.
Golden Company guy - 100%.
That Vale guy - 0%.
Sweetrobin - 0%.
Edmure Tully - 0%.
Gendry - 0%.
Ellaria Sand - she's probably been forgotten. An off chance Cersei has her killed before the big battle.
Podrick - 0%. He and his magic appendage live forever.
Hot Pie - has a heart attack and dies.
Iron Bank guy - lives forever.

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