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Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 at 01:56:46 pm EDT (Viewed 326 times)
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I thought it was pretty dire and rushed.

Resolution for the Wildings and Ghost as they head back beyond the, uh wall ruins.

Gendry is legitimised, Arya leaves him and goes to King's Landing with Sandor to set up Clegane bowl.

Bronn pops up to the North, threatens to kill Tyrion and Jaime who offer him Highgarden just like that.

The Dorne apparently is now supporting Dany, but that is the extent of it. No appearance.

Rheager is killed in an extremly lame sequence. Missiandre is captured.

Various tiresome dialogue with Missiandre killed and Dany getting more mad queen' which has to be spelled out to us several times with Varys impying he will kill her. Sansa also wanting Jon to be the true King.

Jaime sleeping with Brienne and then leaving her. They were together for one episode, leaving her crying.

Ok, factually I have summarised what has happened. But seriously, the writing and pace is horrible. Dany gets ambushed, she goes all other the realms in one episode. Varysopenly tells Tyrion he is going to kill Dany and wants Jon on the throne. Sandor and Arya ride to King's Landing, Jaime rides seperately. No doubt everyone will arrive at the same time.

When Rheagor died, it was done with such little impact that I didn't care. Drogan and Dany run I mentioned befpre the pacing is horrible.

Next episode willbe the battle, with Dany turning mad queen presumably, which will be the twist.

Also, such an unsubtle writing move over Tyrion. Cersei has told Euron that he has got her pregnant. Tyrion annouces in the parley that she is pregnant. Euron isn't that stupid to realise Tyrion must have known she was pregnant, before he slept with her. If Cersei had any brains she would kill Euron now. But, yeah, I suspect Tyrion has ultimately killed his sister here.

Edit - I would have MUCH prefered Rheagor to have been killed last week to be honest. It would have given last week's big battle much more significance, than just waste it away here. Euron could have still destroyed the other ship and endangered Drogan here. Unfortantly, now that Euron has heard Cersei tricked him, I suspect he will kill her (due to the little brother's speech) and he will be the big bad now next episode.

The unnecessary decision to make season 8 six episodes instead of ten exacerbates the problems in episode 4 – too much happens too quickly without giving characters (and the audience) room to react emotionally to them. Episode 4 has a strong first half devoted to the aftermath of the battle with the White Walkers and how all the characters respond to it. This could have been an episode in itself because the story still left a lot out. Given what happens later, it would have been nice to see Missandei and Grey Worm rejoicing in still being alive. Tormund gets his moments, but has become almost entirely a comic relief character. Still, there’s some satisfaction to seeing the wildling subplot apparently resolved once and for all. Gendry getting a major reward for making all those dragon glass weapons while promoting Daenerys’ public relations is good as is the sendoff for the dead.

On the other hand, aside from a toast from Daenerys and Gendry’s reaction, there was no acknowledgement of Arya’s achievement in killing the Night King. Shouldn’t Jon at the very least shown some pride or even some surprise? The show never reveals how much Jon knows about what Arya went through. Her teasing that she’s utilized Needle once or twice would imply not very much. Sansa was concerned last season about what Arya had become. What does she think now? Strangely, Daenerys and Arya, two of the main characters on the show since the very beginning, have yet to interact with dialogue despite being in multiple scenes together.

The show this season is depending too much on storytelling by omission and leaving it up to our imaginations of how things went down. We don’t need to see what Bran told Tyrion of his adventures, but we should get Tyrion’s reaction at some point or what questions he had about it or how he can use Bran’s powers to aid Dany’s campaign. Bran’s this enormous resource who is neglected. He could tell his side exactly what Cersei and Euron’s plans are and warn Daenerys and Jon in advance. In this episode, we fail to get Sansa and Arya’s reactions to Jon’s revelation that he’s a Targaryen. Instead, Sansa quickly breaks her vow offscreen and tells Tyrion. We get nothing with Arya who just rides away with the Hound. That too only works by omission of storytelling. Two of the best warriors in all the land set off on a 1,000-mile journey to King’s Landing alone. Did they tell anyone? Wouldn’t Jon try to enlist Arya at his side? It’s all very vague. Perfectly good scenes could have addressed these story points had the first half of this episode been one episode.

The second half of the episode is all table setting, which is necessary, but it shouldn’t have been done in such a token way. The writers want to make Cersei a big threat to ramp up the drama, but we just went through that with an even bigger threat in the White Walkers. To do it then, Dany’s forces have to become even more diminished to make her and Jon the underdogs. The story mechanics however are too transparent. If Rhaegal is killed so easily, then the story diminishes dragons too much. Rhaegal could have gone down after destroying at least a few ships of Euron’s if we had the second half been it’s own episode. There would have been much more narrative real estate to make everything feel much less rushed. Mostly what happens doesn’t bother me. It’s that it happens too fast as story points to be checked off. Rhaegal gets killed out of the blue. Dany’s navy is destroyed. Missandei is captured. Tyrion and Varys debate whether Dany is becoming too much the ruthless despot like her father. Dany listens to Tyrion. Missandei is executed as the outcome. Now it looks like the entire Cersei story is going to be resolved in the next episode as Jon, Jaime, and Arya/Hound all arrive at King’s Landing individually.

By the way, with Brienne staying in Winterfell, did Podrick as well? Or are the two of them going to set off to King’s Landing in pursuit of Jaime?

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