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Subj: Re: Predictions for rough storyline next episodes?
Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 at 12:17:19 pm EDT (Viewed 307 times)
Reply Subj: Predictions for rough storyline next episodes?
Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 at 09:46:23 am EDT (Viewed 457 times)

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Episode 4 - build up of army burning the dead, reflection on the great war, repairing and rebuilding the North-Dany alliance. Dragons injured etc.

Perhaps some unification with the Yara led Iron Islands.

Some showings in King's Landing. Cersei looking like she is in control, Euron plotting. Some contraption from Qyburn as an equaliser.

Episode 5 - Battle episode. King Landing falls at great cost. Cleganebowl. Sandor kills Gregor. Arya kills Sandor (mercy killing). Some massive twist at the end.

Episode 6 - Resolution of twist and a last confrontation of sorts between whoever is left standing.

Well now that I've seen Episode 4...

Episode 5: Dany & Drogon destroy Euron's fleet by burning it from behind (duh). Jon arrives to try to save the day but he's weak and has never won a battle without being rescued, so he fails again. Dany goes full Mad Queen and starts incinerating King's Landing, but Drogon falls. Meanwhile the Hound and Arya have managed to invade the Red Keep. Clegane Bowl happens at last. Sandor kills FrankenMountain but is mortally wounded. Arya rips off her Qyburn disguise and has Cersei at her mercy. Jamie arrives and finishes the deed (in accordance with the prophesy). Arya stays with Sandor as he dies.

Episode 6: Jon confronts Dany that she is no longer the hero of her own story. It's Jon vs. Dany and Tyrion has to take a side. Varys sends out Ravens to the four corners of the world announcing Jon's lineage and claim to the throne. Sansa marshals the Vale and the Riverlands (Edmure) against Dany. Jon ultimately has to put his aunt down for the good of the realm.

Sam, Varys, Tyrion, Davos and Brienne form the Small Council. Sansa has the North, Robin has the Vale, Yara has the Iron Islands, Bronn has Highgarden, Arya has the Twins (or maybe Bear Island, since the Mormonts are extinct?), Gendry has Storm's End, Tyrion has Casterly Rock, Ellaria is rescued from her prison and restored to Dorne. Dragonstone sits empty.

Last minute twist - Bran isn't really Bran. The Three-Eyed Raven isn't an evolution of Bran but an invader who warged into Bran's body - hence his annoying repetition that he isn't Bran is actually sinister. The Night King was trying to save humanity from the threat of the 3ER. Closing shot of "Bran" with a sinister smile as he sits next to Good King Jon.

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