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Subj: Re: You blew up that nursing home, your drove into're Heisenberg!
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Reply Subj: Re: You blew up that nursing home, your drove into're Heisenberg!
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    Or, what might be most interesting - will there be a trial of combat? But I don't think that is how the North does things, nor Dany. Obvious candidates for Dany would seem to be Sandor or Jorah as her champion, if we go down that route. I can't see Sandor losing, but if it's Jorah - dunno.

A trial by combat would be interesting, but neither the Hound nor Jorah have a dog in this fight. And why would anyone want to have Jorah represent them?

Daario Naharis: Oh, I don't want to fight you, Jorah the Andal. What do I have to gain? If I win, I'm the sh*t who killed an old man. If I lose, I'm the sh*t who was killed by an old man."

Beric, the self-appointed bringer of justice to rogue lords, would seem to be the man for this job. Of course he would lose to Jaime, but I don't see trial by combat as the way out for Jaime, whom I see living at least to the fifth episode.

    I have a feeling epsiode 2 is going to be very heavy on dialogue and politics. Which is a shame. Whilst this was the best feature early on, the writing is now poorer in later seasons, so I am hoping for the action scenes as payoff for what went before.

Yeah, clearly Martin is a far better writer than the show's writers when it came to court intrigue scenarios and dialogue. That aspect has been underwhelming since season 5. It's mostly the spectacle and that we're already so invested with the characters that makes up for it now.

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