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Just so zvelf knows, the seed for this thread was actually planted by Unstable Molecule and his reflections on Littlefinger's untimely death below (more on that later).

So, you are to assume that this is not the final season of the show. Which characters do you choose to keep alive for a next one? They can be as few as you like or up to half the surviving cast, so I would say a max of... 15?

You can just list your choices and be done with it, but if you have reasons for picking as you will, be my guest. You can even expand and regale us with the details of the roles they would be playing in this next season, the plot they would operate in, etc.

As a bonus, if you want, you can even revive one character from a past season.

Now, concerning Molecule's Baelish fetish, I cannot say I see his continued relevance. First of all, let's just agree that being smart cannot protect you from dropping your guard around people you have feelings for and trust. Sansa was a goal, not a mere pawn, so his heart wanted to trust her, creating the same weakness he took advantage of against the Starks in the past.

More importantly, while he always advanced his own goals while at it, he mostly influenced events at the behest of others. He himself was never a powerful player (I really like how Cersei made that point to him), relying on duplicity and the means others lent him. So this far in, seeing how he was not actually in command of a faction or surrounded by players susceptible or in need of his deceptive skills, his role in the story had effectively ended.

And no, the actual war the show was building to was not one Baelish had a part in initiating (in fact, unless I'm misremembering, I don't even think he realistically expected a war out of the Arryn thing)...

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I would keep the following:

Cersei Lannister. Because she is fit as f**k.Keep her as the primary antagonsist. However, allow her to keep the child, so there is a potential line of Lannister villians potentially in charge of the realm.The Mountain remains at her side, as does Qyburn. They are based in Casterly Rock, after the decimation of King's Landing. They retain control of the Westerlands, but are surrounded by enemies.

Sansa Stark. The North has been destroyed, so she has had to be pragmatic and has married Gendry (who is legitimised) to attain power, keep a realm for what remains in the Stormlands. In very shot succession, she has allied with Robin and is passing off her recently born son as Robin's. No one is sure who is the father. Gendry's Hand of the Queen is Davos Seaworth and his Lord Commander is Sandor Celegane who now wields Oathkeeper in respect of it's former owner.

Edmure Tully rules the Riverlands. Yara Greyjoy rules the Iron Island.
Sam is the Lord of the Reach, but has been made to marry a Tyrell under Sansa's instruction, which he hugley resents and he continues to see Gully on the sly. The Wildlings farm the reach and there is a strange friendship delveloping between himself and Tormund, who acts as his bodyguard.

Meanwhile, a new threat emerges from Sothoryos.

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